• Micro pores increase the surface area with
    adsorption to remove pollutants in water and air
  • Removes Chlorine, Bacteria,
    Sediment Particles, bad odor and taste
  • Activated Carbon is a solution
    for all pollution
  • Carbon leads to golden path in mines
    for gold recovery
  • Purification, Dechlorination
    and Deodorization

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Activated Carbon helps all humans and environment to live an energetic life with removal of all toxic substances.

Coconut activated carbon water filters to protect human body from various bacteria, chlorines and unwanted contaminants.

Carbon air filters are effective to removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hydrocarbons

Activated carbon plays an important role in gold mines to execute CIP & CIL process for gold recovery.

Carbon cigarette filters are effective adsorbent for many vapour phase smoke toxicants.

Activated carbon always worth to save our earth.